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Help Your Child Become a Better Writer

Writing is something no student will be able to escape during their years in school. In fact, students in middle school may be introduced to longer writing assignments than what they were used to in elementary school. To help them tackle these longer writing assignments, use these tips.

Practice Longer Writing Assignments

Even if your child isn't writing 5 paragraph essays yet, practicing longer writing assignments is a must. This will help them prepare for what's coming up in high school so that they aren't so intimidated by the thought of a long essay. This type of practice can also help them find their preferred writing methods, making longer assignments a breeze in the future.

Have a Clear Topic in Mind

Before starting any writing assignment, teach your child to have a clear topic in mind and some ideas that can turn into paragraphs. It's not enough to simply have a vague idea of these in mind, so teach your child to also put these down on paper so that they can focus on developing clear ideas with a bit of structure. Whether they're writing an academic essay or a creative, short story, teach them to develop their ideas for actually starting to write.

Have Fun Writing

Not all writing has to be academic and dry, and it's important that your child knows this. Encourage them to continue practicing the type of writing they enjoy even if it's just for fun. Give your child a journal where they can write whatever they like without worrying about writing in a way that is considered academically correct. This can help them develop a fondness for writing instead of discarding this hobby altogether.

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