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One of the worst things that can happen during your school experience is having an incompetent teacher; they put your learning and grades at risk! However, we all bump into one at least once throughout our student life, which is why you should learn how to deal with them with these tips The Tutoring Center in Oro Valley has prepared for you. 

What to Do About an Unqualified Teacher

1. Step back and think what it is about the teacher that makes them incompetent. Remember to keep your feelings towards them out of this equation and look at things rationally.

2. Now, inspect your own behavior in this situation. Is it possible that your attitude is part of the problem? If it is, work on yourself first!

3. Go to your classmates and ask their opinions about the teacher. See if they feel the same way you do and if their grades have been affected too.

4. Confront the teacher in a calm and objective manner. Provide helpful feedback that they can use to improve. Just make sure not to insult them!

5. If after your meeting with the teacher nothing has changed, go to the principal. You can even take some of your peers with you so you can all calmly explain the situation.

6. Don’t waste your time while the problem resolves itself! Get a tutor or create a study group so you can keep learning those important lessons.

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If you feel that the teacher is getting in the way of your learning, know that The Tutoring Center is here to help you. We provide personalized sessions so that you can reach your academic goals! Call (520)-219-4112 for more information about our programs.  

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