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Tutoring Eliminates the Risk of a Summer Learning Loss

It may sound strange, but what your child does during the summer can make all the difference in their academic life. Every summer students are exposed to the risk of experiencing a learning loss. How a child spends his or her summer determines whether they fall behind or stay on track the next school year. It's important to understand what a summer learning loss is and how it can affect your child's education, as well as how to prevent it.

What is a Learning Loss and How Does it Affect Your Child?

A learning loss is when the knowledge that was previously acquired is forgotten and all the advancements that had been made start to wither away. The summer is when students are most at risk of suffering a massive learning loss because of a lack of learning and academic stimulation that they would normally get from school. As students advance and complete another school year, the summer break can cause a learning loss, resulting in a substantial educational regression. It is estimated that by the time a student is out of high school, the learning loss can reach an equivalent of up to four years of knowledge lost or forgotten. The adverse effects of the summer do not have to become a factor in your child's life. You can easily introduce educational activities into your summer schedule. Doing so will eliminate the learning detriment caused by an inactive working memory.

Summer Learning Fun With Tutoring in Oro Valley

Summer tutoring can be fun and extremely helpful for children of all ages. It helps avoid a learning loss while it strengthens academic areas, all while motivating students to strive for higher learning goals. At The Tutoring Center, Oro Valley, we are excited to help your child have fun and learn this summer. Call us today at (520)-219-4112 to schedule your free consultation today.


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