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With the school off to a racing start, it’s high time to get in touch with teachers about the progress of your student and any questions you may have about homework. Students at The Tutoring Center are able to get Release forms to enable the tutors to communicate with your students teachers. Just pick up a Release form from your tutoring center, fill it in and give it to the teacher of your choice. 

The teacher can then email us directly to communicate about your student’s progress and any study tools they may need for upcoming quizzes and tests. However, correspondence with teachers is a choice of the teacher and parents; even without it the tutors at the center are capable of aiding your student with homework help and studying for upcoming assessments in school. Homework, after all, is a method that teachers use to help the students understand and remember the lessons. 

By bringing their homework to The Tutoring Center, students can get help and heighten their understanding, as well as getting their work done in a time-efficient manner which can lessen stress. By spending a small amount of time focused heavily on homework with a tutor, the students can understand and grasp the concept in a shorter amount of time, making it easier to remember the information and refer back to their work, which is guaranteed to be correct every time. This can help the student form good homework habits in which they will be focused and capable of working for the correct answers which will help them learn. 

As important as self study is, students need to learn to communicate with teachers and accept help in order to have a clean and organized understanding of the material presented to them at school. But it’s never too late to start; implementing good homework habits and study skills early in the year is important and beneficial for any student.


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