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Time Management Tips for Students

If your child has a hard time getting their school work done in a timely manner, they may just need help with their time management skills. To help your child manage their time more efficiently, teach them these tips.

Learn to Prioritize

A student may have a clear idea of all the tasks they need to get done in one afternoon, but they may not know how to prioritize all these tasks. Learning to do the most pressing tasks first can help your child feel more at ease as they move down their list because the stress of those tasks will be behind them. If they don't have enough time to finish their entire list, items that didn't necessarily have to get done that day can be worked on at another time without turning into added stress.

Remove Distractions

Students can get distracted quite easily because studying and doing homework aren't always the most exciting activities. However, these distractions can lead to wasted time and added stress. To reduce the stress caused by these, help your child identify their biggest distractors so that they can remove them from their workspace. As they're able to focus better, they'll also be able to use their time more efficiently, leaving them more time for other activities.

Don't Take on More Than What's Possible

Some students really don't have enough time to complete everything on their to-do list. If your child has taken on too much and is constantly trying to catch up, it may be best for them to drop one of their extracurricular activities. By simply dropping one activity, your child can have much more time to dedicate to their other activities while feeling less overwhelmed and burned out.

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