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Tips That Can Help Your Child Read Aloud More Confidently

Students who are just learning to read may feel self-conscious when attempting to read aloud. They may not be able to read quickly or fluently yet, but this takes practice. To encourage your child to become a better reader, use these tips for reading aloud.

Read Together

If your child isn't quite ready to take on the task of reading aloud to you, practice reading aloud together. This can help them feel less pressure and your guidance can help them develop their reading confidence. Instead of forcing them to read aloud, read to them and read together until they're comfortable and confident reading aloud to you on their own.

Give Your Child Time to Practice

While it's important to spend some time reading together, give your child the chance to practice on their own as well. Encourage them to practice in their room on their own where they won't be embarrassed or shy about reading aloud. Implement some daily silent reading time so that they can practice and develop their skills on their own.

Offer Different Reading Options

Allowing your child to choose the reading material can get them more excited about reading aloud. Instead of choosing what they read, allow your child the freedom to pick the reading material. Let them choose anything from a graphic novel to a sci-fi book as long as they're excited to participate.

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