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How to Encourage Your Child to be Enthusiastic About the New School Year

Perhaps the best part of a new school year is that your child gets a fresh start at tackling their studies. It gives them the opportunity to do better and improve in all areas. It is important to begin with the right mindset and the ideal tools to succeed. Start off by encouraging your child to be more enthusiastic about the new school year.

Celebrate the New School Year

One good idea that works really well to help your child be more eager about the new school year is to have a small back-to-school party the first week of school. Ask them to invite a new friend over. You can make this as big or as small as you want. It can be a small dinner with just them or one of their friends or a big get together for your child's friends and new classmates. If you don't want to go too big you could just buy a cake for your child to celebrate the new school year with his/her friends.

Make the Celebration Purposeful

As part of the celebration, you can also wrap up a few notebooks and pens as gifts. Have your child open the gifts and encourage them to answer three questions about the new school year. 1. What did you like about last school year? 2. What do you want to improve on this school year? 3. What can help make this school year better for you? Take the time to discuss those questions with your child and if possible encourage the parents of your child's friends to do the same. This will help set the tone for a better school year.

Show Your Child Your Support With Tutoring in Oro Valley AZ

Let your child know that they have your support to help them succeed this school year. Remember that you can always count on all the professional tutors at The Tutoring Center, Oro Valley AZ to help your child achieve greater heights this school year. Get your free consultation today by calling (520)-219-4112.


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