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Raise Your Child´s Learning Abilities With Tutoring

In a previous post, we established that good habits make a great difference when it comes to learning. However, learning is not just about the health habits or neurological and systematic abilities, it also has a lot to do with how well it is trained and exercised. Today, at The Tutoring Center in Oro Valley, we want to talk about signs of a low working memory and ways you can help build it up.

The Importance of a Good Working Memory

The working memory is part of the reasoning and learning progress. It is the ability to sustain information while it is used and applied. For example, in a classroom setting a teacher may ask students to take notes, the working memory holds on to what is being said while processing what information to write down and how to spell or jot down what it needs to. The same is true for other tasks, such as word problems, reading comprehension questions, and even keeping track of events and directions.

How to Know if Your Child Struggles Due to a Low Working Memory and How to Help Them

When a child has problems being able to remember the instructions given or constantly needs the information repeated back to him/her, it could mean they are having trouble with the working memory. Other signs include the inability to keep up a long discussion or difficulty concentrating on the task at hand. The good news is that working memory can be improved with practice. Card games such as UNO or even standard 52 card decks can be fun tools for learning exercising the working memory. It will be necessary for your child to keep in mind the image of the cards and numbers while using this knowledge to make a move. Almost any game can provide working memory benefits as children must keep in mind the rules and instructions in order to effectively play.

Stronger Working Memory Abilities With Tutoring in Oro Valley, AZ

Tutoring is an effective way to build a stronger, faster-working memory. Dial (520)-219-4112 today and experience the many advantages of our tutoring programs in Oro Valley.


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