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Students and Procrastination

Procrastination is a very common problem not only in educational areas but in every part of our lives as humans. With that said, students are among the most affected by it. The sooner a student can learn to get a grip on this bad habit, the better. That is why today we want to share a few quick steps to help fight this on-going problem.

2 Easy Steps to Start Avoiding Procrastination

  1. Have a visual of what needs to get done. Most of us rely on our own memory too much to know what needs to get done. This has a tendency to backfire because there is always so much going on in our brains. This can cause the things that don't need to get done immediately to get pushed to the back of our minds, which then sets us up for procrastination. As soon as you know that something needs to get done, write it down and place it somewhere where you can look at it often. This can be in an agenda, on a sticky note, or even in your phone.
  2. Break down the work and know what you will get done ahead of time. You need to break down the work into feasible parts instead of deciding that it will all get done the day before it is due. Schedule the work in parts instead of trying to do it all the day before the due date. It may even be better to divide the work and section it out through your day so that you can get it done faster. For example, if you have a 10-page essay due a week from today, don't start it a few hours before it is due. This can increase stress and cause you to turn in poor work. Instead, work on two pages a day over five days, and then edit and proofread your work the day before it's due.

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