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Science is often a favorite subject for many students. The broad variety of sub-topics and in depth background allow for an array of science related activities and excursions. Since it is generally exciting, use educational science activities outside the traditional classroom environment to ignite or boost your child’s enthusiasm. To help, The Tutoring Center in Oro Valley has a few suggestions on how to include science outside of school, and have fun while doing it.


Visiting places like the zoo or aquarium is a great way to excite kids about biology. Encourage your children to read at each exhibit and ask them questions about what they’ve learned. Be excited about it yourself! Kids are very impressionable and will feed from your energy. After leaving, you can follow up on what your children have learned by reading books about some of their favorite animals, or class of animals.


Not surprisingly, many students enjoy chemistry and doing experiments. Chemical reactions can be very impressive and cool. As the warm weather approaches, take advantage of it and take some of the messier experiments outside. Use the opportunity not only to teach them about the chemical reactions taking place, but also about safety. Chemicals can be very dangerous, so learning lab safety at an early age will make things easier in the end.

Amusement Parks

Although more complex and complicated than biology and chemistry, physics is another incredibly interesting sub-topic of science. The best place to learn about physics is at an amusement park. Doing actual calculations would take a lot of the fun away from the day, but you can still review basic concepts like the rules of gravity, friction, and of course Newton’s Laws.

Learning over the summer can be fun if you do it right. These suggestions are mostly to help keep your students enthusiastic about their education while not in school. For more in-depth academic programs and one-to-one instruction in all subjects, contact our experts at (520)-219-4112 with any questions you may have.


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