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The beginning of the school year is an exciting time for students, who return to school after their long break to a new class, new teachers and a brand new curriculum . The summer is an important resting period for students, but can sometimes leave them behind in the material their new grade offers. On several occasions, students will take the beginning of the school year too lightly and soon fall behind in this crucial moment of their education. It is important to get students up to speed and even ahead of the curriculum offered at their school so that they can exceed the expectations and be open to absorbing more; given that they will not be as burdened with trying to keep up. The Tutoring Center offers free diagnostic testing to see where your student is at in terms of math, reading and writing. 

The Tutoring Center also offers two free sessions to introduce your student to our unique rotational system, which keeps the learning process interesting, and our guarantee of one-on-one instruction, which keeps the student focused on their work and their progress. Starting early is a must for long term success and advance.  After all, it is much simpler for a student to maintain being a step ahead of the class as opposed to struggling to understand new materials or attempting to catch up after having fallen behind in their studies. Student can also increase their study and organizational skills under the direction of our tutors, who also have experience in teaching programs such as Saxon math. Call or visit us today to schedule your student's free diagnostic assessment and get their school year started on a high note. 


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