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The SAT is a test taken by nearly 2 million college bound students yearly and is accepted by over 2,000 colleges and universities within the United States, as well as some abroad. Provided a great score, you could get into the college of your choice, perhaps receiving financial aid. With an excellent score you may even be eligible for one of the coveted scholarships your prefered university provides! It is no wonder then, that the SAT can provide so much stress for some of its takers. It is with you in mind that The Tutoring Center in Oro Valley would like to share a few tips for taking the possibly dreaded, math section of the SAT. 

Preparing for the Math Section

- If you were to do a simple search online, you’d be able to find examples of past equations on the math portion of the SAT. These are provided in order to help you study and become more aware of what you’ll see. 
- You also, of course, can invest in an SAT study booklet which will provide many examples as well as the answers, in the back of the booklet. 

Organization and Scoring

- This section will start with the easier equations, of course this does not mean they are necessarily easy, but remember that the intended more difficult questions will be nearer the end of the section. 
- Because of this, use as little time as possible on the first part of the math section in order to save your precious minutes for a bit more time on the harder equations
- The writing and reading portions of the SAT are scored, giving points for correct answers and subtracting points for incorrect answers. However, the math section is not scored this way. You will only receive points for correct answers, but the answers that are wrong are not penalized. 
- What this means for you is that you should guess even if you’re not sure. It is possible of course, that you will guess incorrectly, but for that you are not risking losing points. On the other hand, if you guess correctly, you’ve gained more points toward your final score. 
- Check with the admissions office of the college you’d like to attend in order to find out what score they require of their students. This will help you know how hard you need to work and what you need to prepare should you decide to take the SAT a second time. 

General Tips for the Math Section

- You will be provided with paper to show your work on this section. It is important that you place this paper in your booklet and turn it in when the test has finished. You are not allowed to remove any papers from the exam room. 
- There are some parts of the math section in which you will be allowed to use a calculator, therefore bring one, but do not take it out until you are directed to do so
- Lastly, you’re required to have at least two number 2 pencils for the exam. Be sure to bring those, along with a pencil sharpener. This will be a great way to avoid standing up during the exam and wasting valuable time. 

Remember that the ideal time to take your first turn at the SAT is at the beginning of your Junior Year. If you’ve taken the exam and are unhappy with your score, or you have yet to take it, know that The Tutoring Center offers and SAT Preparation Program in which you will receive information on the structure and style of the test, strategies in taking it, and of course plenty of opportunity for practice. To find out more about this program, give us a call today at  (520) 219-4112.


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