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Practice Grammar With This Fun Tutoring Game

Learning the parts of speech is not hard, but it does require practice. Activities and games can help children practice their language arts knowledge while having fun. That is why today at The Tutoring Center in Oro Valley we want to share a fun activity that children can complete in order to practice distinguishing parts of speech.

Interactive Game to Practice Parts of Speech

  1. Get some large index cards and write one word on each card  that can be cataloged into one of the parts of speech. No words should be repeated, and make sure you have one index card for each part of speech for each child participating. This means that if there are three kids participating, there will need to be three sets of eight different cards: 3 index cards with a different noun each, 3 adjectives, 3 pronouns etc.
  2. Hide each index card separately around the room until all the index cards are hidden.
  3. Instruct the children to look for the index cards. In order to win, each child must hand you a set of 8 index cards that includes one word to represents each part of speech. That means that they can't win just by finding 8 index cards. They must find the index cards and make sure that they have one word to represent each part of speech.

Tips on How to Play and Adapt the Game

The game can usually be completed one of two ways. Each child will either look for only the words that they need to complete their set of 8. In this case, the child that completes this first will win, or they can all team up to find all the words first. Then, they can work together to sort out the cards until each has one index card for each part of speech. It might be a good idea to let the children work however they want before suggesting one of these two options, so you can also let them use their working memory and other thinking skills to find a way to complete the task. If you notice they are really struggling, then you can explain that they can work together for their common goal. Completing the activity in this manner will allow them all to win since they will finish at the same time.

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