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How Your Child Can Benefit from Studying a Second Language

If your child has expressed an interest in learning a second language, this is a great idea! Not only will your child expand their horizons, learning a new language can also help them improve some brain functions. Learn more about this...

How to Prevent the Summer Slide

The summer slide may not sound like a serious matter, but it is something all parents should know about. If you've briefly heard about it but aren't sure what it is, this post can help you understand it better.

Understand the Summer Slide

For those who have no idea...

How to Prevent the Summer Learning Slide from Affecting Your Student

You would be forgiven for thinking that the summer learning slide is a piece of play equipment at your local park where everybody learns news lessons as they slide down. In reality, however, it is the opposite. The Tutoring...

How to Take Better Notes

As your child gets closer to the end of the school year, their class notes can play a crucial role in how well they prepare for their final exams. To help them take the most effective notes possible, check out these essential note-taking tips.

Be an Active Listener


Help Your Child Become a Better Writer

Writing is something no student will be able to escape during their years in school. In fact, students in middle school may be introduced to longer writing assignments than what they were used to in elementary school. To help them tackle these longer...

Help Your Student Prepare for Standardized Tests

Standardized tests aren't exactly popular with students, but they will still have to take them during their academic journey. To help them do their best, check out these tips.

Create a Study Schedule

In order for your child to be adequately...

Qualities Your Child's Tutor Should Have

Finding a great tutor may seem near impossible. Although there are tons of options, how do you know you're getting someone with the experience and skills your child needs? To help you find a great tutor, they should at least possess the following...

Help Your Child Increase Their Reading Skills

Reading is an essential skill all students have to master. Since it's the basis for just about every other school subject, your child will need to be a great reader in order to reach success. To help them sharpen their reading skills, focus some...

Help Your Child Sharpen Their Mental Math Skills

Math fluency is important for all students because it makes advancing into higher levels of math much easier. Mastering this doesn't have to be a huge challenge, in fact, it can actually be fun. Use these simple tricks and games to help your...

Make Math Easier for Your Child

Math may not be the most enjoyable subject for many students, but that doesn't mean it has to be awful. In fact, there are a number of ways you can get your child more comfortable with math and help them develop their abilities in the subject. Use these tips to...


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