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Healthy Habits That Will Help Your Child Excel in School

If your child wants to do better in school this year, there are plenty of ways they can achieve this. To help your child have the best school year yet, encourage them to develop these useful habits.

Set New Goals

The beginning of the school...
Reading and writing are the base structure of academic learning advancements. The more your child improves in these areas, the more it will facilitate their learning. That is why it is so important that you not only focus on their reading, but also on vocabulary building. The following advice can...

Focus on Encouraging Your Child to Be College Bound

The summer allows parents to spend quality time with their child, and this makes it the perfect time to start talking about their academic future. Even if your child is young, now is the time to start encouraging them to go to college. Take...

This Summer, Focus on Reading

Since much of your child's learning relies on their reading abilities, it is important to focus on this skill. However, other school activities and homework can sometimes limit the time your child is able to dedicate to improving their reading. That is why summer...

Students and Procrastination

Procrastination is a very common problem not only in educational areas but in every part of our lives as humans. With that said, students are among the most affected by it. The sooner a student can learn to get a grip on this bad habit, the better. That is why today...

How to Help Your Child Do Well on Exams

Doing well on exams isn't always an easy job. Some students seem to be natural learners and don't struggle as much with having to study for tests, but the majority of students are not great test-takers. That is why it is important that students learn...

 Listening Skills Activity to Try at Home

Without a doubt, listening is important. We use listening skills every day to be able to efficiently communicate and discuss ideas, to learn information, and to follow directions. Without good listening skills, it can be incredibly difficult to learn and...

The Importance of Homework

Homework is more important than most students realize. It helps them practice what they learned in school and makes it easier to determine what areas they struggle with or need extra help on. Not to mention that in most schools homework is a big part of a...
Children who learn to set goals become more efficient students and grow up to be more well-rounded adults. Due to the hype that this month brings in regards to resolutions and goals, it is the perfect time to start introducing this valuable practice in your home. The following steps can help you...

Make the Most of Your Winter Break

For many, winter break is just another longed for mini-vacation, and although it is great to have some time off, it can also lead to some slacking off. However, if your child spends winter break wisely they can achieve a lot and still have a good time. The...


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