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Each year it’s natural to begin with ideas of how to make your home more functional, organized, and effective. As a parent, you’ve likely thought that it would be great if your child was better at organizational matters, perhaps leaving less messes, and making the morning rush to school a bit easier. Here at The Tutoring Center in Oro Valley we would like to give you four tips to help you motivate your child to better organization. 

Setting Aside a Space

An essential start on any road to organization is providing a place where your child knows he or she will be able to go to find school supplies, his or her backpack, and any other needed materials. This should also be the area your child goes in order to study. You may have a cabinet or shelf set aside in the kitchen or living room where you child can place his or her items, as well as a spot at the table where homework can always be done, uninterrupted. 

Checking the List

Some children may benefit from using checklists, while others will not find them quite as gratifying. Test them out with your child to see if they work. The idea is to sit down with your child, talk about those tasks needing accomplished, and allow your child to help you make a checklist of those tasks in order of importance. Once your child completes a task, he or she has the pleasure of crossing the task off of the list. This is a fun way to motivate organizational efforts. 

Posting Reminders

Should you find that there is something your child has particular trouble remembering, like putting all of his or her homework in the backpack, or bringing lunch money, be sure that you post reminders around the home. You can try posting these on the refrigerator, on the bathroom mirror, or any other place you know your child is bound to look in the morning. 

Designating a Homework Time

For molding a better organized child, routine is your ally. Designate, and stick to, a time when your child will be sitting down in his or her specified study area to do homework. Keep in mind those extracurricular activities your child may be involved in, as well as the time you are most available to offer help if needed. 

Using these new ideas to motivate your child, as well as finding other useful tips from our blog, such as steps to handle an unqualified teacher, you and your child are bound to have an excellent second half of the school year. However, if you think your child could benefit from receiving tutoring, know that The Tutoring Center is here to help. For tutoring in Oro Valley, be sure to contact us at (520)-219-4112.


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