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How to Take Better Notes

As your child gets closer to the end of the school year, their class notes can play a crucial role in how well they prepare for their final exams. To help them take the most effective notes possible, check out these essential note-taking tips.

Be an Active Listener

Taking notes isn't all about writing, there also needs to be some listening going on. In fact, your child should be doing more listening than writing. Instead of trying to write down everything the teacher says, teach them to listen to the lesson, absorb it, and only write down the most important parts. By doing this they'll have a better understanding of the lesson and will be able to elaborate on their notes easily later on.

Be Prepared for Class

Being prepared for class means a few different things when it comes to taking notes. First of all, your child should show up to class a bit early so that they have enough time to pull out their note-taking materials, like their notebook and pens, before the lesson starts. They also need to do any assigned reading or assignments the night before a class in order to be better prepared for the upcoming lesson.

Rewrite Class Notes

Once your child has their notes, they can still benefit from rewriting them or typing them up. Doing so will give them a refresher on the information they jotted down while allowing them to clean up their notes. They can also fix mistakes or fill in more complete information.

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