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Your children have many responsibilities at school: homework, presentations, deadlines and other tasks that demand a lot of their time and attention. Unfortunately, the inability to cope with the stress of these activities can have negative effects on their mental, social and physical activities.  

The Tutoring Center in Oro Valley is always worried about the well-being of your children. That’s why we have a few ways to help your children cope with stress.

Regulate Time

Many students complain about the lack of time to finish their tasks. Help your children engage with school! Plan a daily routine to study. Make sure to include brakes.  Also, set realistic goals for their academic achievement and reward them.

Create a Study Environment 

Your house is filled with potential distractions and a great study environment is very important for learning. This means no more studying on the bed!  Find a peaceful spot at home and forbid TV, cell-phones and video games during study time.


Exercise has countless benefits and one of them is reducing stress and anxiety. Find a physical activity that your child enjoys. Just remember that school should always be their priority.


Don’t forget that sleep gives your brain and body maintenance . Not getting enough sleep can affect the performance of your children at school. The average recommended sleep is 8 hours.

We hope that these ideas help your children handle their school activities.  

If your children are having difficulties at school, you can do something about it! At The Tutoring Center, we have specialized tutors that will help your children achieve their academic potential. Think about us, next time you are looking for tutoring in Oro Valley.

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