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Help Your Child Improve Spelling Skills with Spin and Spell

Make a game of spelling, add a bit of fun to the endeavor and give children a competitive incentive for getting a handle on their letters. Words can be intimidating. It's frustrating to take a spelling quiz and receive a D, or an F. Many students struggle with spelling and many parents and teachers struggle to find ways to help their students master this skill. The following game can help students improve their spelling skills while having fun.

Spin and Spell

It's a game for students from kindergarten to grade 12. The object of the game is to earn points and there's an element of chance that adds suspense and surprise, as well as opportunities for the not-so-strong speller to get ahead. And this game can be adapted to use in foreign language classes. You'll need a list of words, three dice and a place to keep score. Get family and friends in on the fun and divide into three teams and have them sit together and number them 1 to 3. Team one will go first, then and 2, then 3. Give each team one of the dice. They will use it to determine how many points each spelling word is worth.

How to Play

Choose a team to go first and ask the first player to roll the die. Announce the number of points the question will be worth (as determined by the toss) and read a spelling word. The student who rolled the die attempts to spell the word. If she gets it right she gets the three points determined by the die toss. If she gets it wrong, the first student on the next team gets a chance to win the points by spelling the word correctly. Then team 2 gets to roll the die again for their own try at spelling a word correctly. Keep playing until you get through your list, or until time runs out.

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