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As a parent, you are likely to often wonder about your child’s future, as well as think about ways you can help him or her further along the way. Of course, ensuring that he or she is in an excellent school and receiving a great education is a good place to start. Today The Tutoring Center in Oro Valley would like to offer you another way you can help your child get ahead of the curve. There are numerous benefits to learning a new language, and we would like to share just some of those with you today. 

Standardized test scores, including the SAT, are statistically higher for bilingual or multilingual students than the scores of their monolingual peers. This is in part due to their better understanding of vocabulary, but it also has to do with the fact that in learning the new language their brains are opened up to new ways of thinking and operating. 

As briefly mentioned above, you can expect that your child’s grammar and vocabulary in his or her first language will improve. While learning a new language, they will be exposed to how it is structured, thus thinking more clearly about their own language and its structure. Likewise, while being introduced to new vocabulary in the second language, your child will become increasingly aware of the parallel words within their own language. 

By learning a new language, your child’s cultural experiences are expanded immensely. As your child is learning, he or she will now be open to new music, movies, and literature from the new language, as well as any cultures who use the language to communicate. 

Lastly, thinking on your child’s future, you’ll find that he or she has more job opportunities available as well. This does not simply mean being able to work in a country where the second language is spoken; it could open up government positions, translation and educational work, and several other job opportunities even within the United States.  
Your child may become so enthralled in the pursuit of language that it becomes his or her primary goal. To help ensure your child stays on track with other academic studies, you may consider hiring a profession. Here at The Tutoring Center we have a dedicated tutoring staff that is ready to help. For tutoring in Oro Valley be sure to give us a call at (520) 219-4112.


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