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Presentation Tips for Students

Preparing a presentation can be quite a stressful task for students. Not only is it a big assignment they're being graded on, but they also have to get comfortable with public speaking. To ensure your child puts together a great presentation, use these tips.

Avoid Reading to the Class

In order to give an engaging presentation, your child should avoid reading to the class. They should have some sort of visual support they can use to make their presentation more entertaining, but this shouldn't be full of text either. Instead, have your child learn their topic thoroughly so that they can speak to the class and use this visual material as support.

Organize Your Presentation

Just like with an essay, a presentation needs a structure that makes sense. Your child's presentation should start with an introduction that gives their audience a brief understanding of what they're about to go over. This is also a good place to introduce their thesis. Next, the body of their presentation should include the major points they want to focus on. Finally, their presentation should end with a conclusion that ties everything together and that leaves a space for questions from their audience.

Be Confident in Your Work

For a presentation to be engaging, it helps if the presenter is confident and sure about what they're saying. Their posture and stage presence can make all the difference, so practice these things at home. If your child knows the material perfectly, they'll have an easier time presenting it confidently.

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