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Signs of a Struggling Reader

Reading is a fun activity, but students who struggle with their reading will think otherwise. If you think your child may be struggling with their reading skills, look out for these telltale signs.

Below Average Reading Level

The majority of texts for younger children are written at clear reading levels which make it easier to measure if students are reading at their proper level. Reading sent home for homework will often also be at your child's reading level or even a bit higher in order to challenge them. If your child struggles with these texts, they may need a bit of reading help to catch up.

Difficulty Recognizing Words

It's not uncommon for new readers to have trouble recognizing new words or sounding out words they've never come across. However, if your child isn't a new reader and struggles with words they come into contact with often, this can indicate that they have a reading issue. Look out for other indicators of reading troubles, such as confusing words or sounds.

Reading Anxiety

Students who have trouble reading may sometimes feel more anxious when the subject gets brought up. They may avoid reading altogether and may even ask you to read certain things for them. If your child refuses to read out loud or if they try to ignore their reading homework, talk to them about getting extra reading help.

Reading Tutoring in Oro Valley AZ

All students can benefit from strengthening their academic skills. Tutoring in Oro Valley can offer the help your child needs to reach their academic goals. Contact The Tutoring Center, Oro Valley AZ at (520)-219-4112 to learn all about their tutoring programs. Don't forget to ask about your free diagnostic assessment!


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