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This Summer, Focus on Reading

Since much of your child's learning relies on their reading abilities, it is important to focus on this skill. However, other school activities and homework can sometimes limit the time your child is able to dedicate to improving their reading. That is why summer break is the time for you to take advantage of their free time and help your child focus on reading.

3 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Read More This Summer

  • Help your child view reading as an everyday activity that is interesting. Instead of nagging them to read, challenge them to do so. Turn it into a game or competition by having a big poster where each of your family members gets to see how many pages they have read in the week and who's ahead of the game.
  • Trade reading time for television. time. Many times, kids want to spend their summer in front of the television. You don't need to eliminate t.v. time altogether, just make them earn it. For example, if they spend 30 minutes reading then they earn 30 minutes of television. time.
  • Make a game where every page read earns you a point. As your child accumulates points, these can be cashed in for ¨favors,¨ such as getting to eat their favorite food or not having to go to bed early. Make each ¨favor¨ have a different value. For example, getting to pick the family's vacation spot this year can be 150 points, getting to go out for ice cream is 80 points, and having their favorite meal can be 25 points. For more summer reading tips, check out our previous post.

Improve Your Child's Reading This Summer with Tutoring in Oro Valley AZ

The best way to help your child to truly enjoy reading is to eliminate reading struggles and help them understand what they read. At The Tutoring Center, Oro Valley AZ your child will receive the support they need to read at their level and increase their comprehension. Contact them right now at (520)-219-4112 and help your child have a productive summer.


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