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Children love to speak, but it’s easy for them to become comfortable using the same words in a multitude of situations. While this is great for their early speaking development, as your child grows there are ways that parents can provide reading and speaking help to their children that can boost their confidence and give them an early advantage.

In this post, The Tutoring Center in Oro Valley will explore two activities that you can do with your child to provide homework help to your child and give them an advantage.

All a-bored

It can be hard to keep your children entertained and occupied during train rides, and they can often become agitated. Turn your next train ride into a fun educational activity. Let your children choose a new local destination that they are interested in visiting and take the train. Along the way, ask your children the names of objects that they see and are interested in. As they are introduced to new words, provide spelling and usage help for them. As a reward, if they are able to correctly spell five new words, give them a treat while you are exploring your new destination.

Learning in the key of fun

A great way for your child to enjoy reading is to sing along with music from a lyric sheet. Choose lyric heavy songs with difficult sounds for your child to sing along to. If you want to challenge your children’s listening skills, provide them with music they haven’t heard before and have them write the lyrics they hear. This is a great activity that provides you with the opportunity to identify any listening concerns your child may display.

It is important for children to enjoy their learning, especially when it comes to speaking, and activities like these are a great way for them to build their confidence and get a competitive advantage. If this is something that interests you, our experts can provide reading, writing, and math help through one-to-one instruction or private tutoring in Oro Valley. Call us today at 520-219-4112 for more information.


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