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Does your child seem to sit in front of a pile of homework for hours without getting anything done? Does an activity that should take twenty minutes stretch on to the wee hours? Do your child's eyes glaze over when you help them study for a test? About 11 percent of school-age children in the United States have been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. Also, a large number of children find themselves stressed out because of pressure to perform academically, so check out these tips on stress management. Have you tried all of the different advice given to you by supposed experts? Well, before you give up for good and put your child on medication, try this method that has worked for some parents of children with ADD. For kids with short attention spans, you should get an egg timer and have them focus on their homework for 10 - 15 minutes and then take a two-minute break. If kids with short attention spans try to concentrate on something for a long time they will get distracted constantly, but if they know they only have to focus for ten minutes, then it is easier for them to stay focused. A two-minute break helps them to clear their head and gets them ready to focus again. During the two minute break, kids should go get a drink of water,  stretch or do some other quick physical activity. It is always a good idea to save leisure activities for when homework is finished. Youngsters should get in the habit of completing work before amusing themselves; however, on days that your child has more homework than usual, it might lessen the frustration to take twenty or thirty-minute breaks between large assignments.

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