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 Listening Skills Activity to Try at Home

Without a doubt, listening is important. We use listening skills every day to be able to efficiently communicate and discuss ideas, to learn information, and to follow directions. Without good listening skills, it can be incredibly difficult to learn and be efficient in daily tasks that require our attention and auditive abilities. That is why it is so important to work on developing good listening abilities from a young age. Today we want to share a simple yet interesting activity to help you promote better listening skills at home.

What Does the Song Say?

This activity allows children to practice their listening abilities and is a fun way to get them to accustom their ear to more attentive listening. Both young children and adults enjoy listening to music. Of course, depending on the age of your child, the type of music they listen to may vary. Nevertheless, this activity can be carried out with all types of music as long as it has lyrics.


  • Pick a fun and animated song for young children or let them listen to their favorite classics like ¨The Wheels on the Bus,¨ etc. For older kids, let them choose a song on their own.
  • Play the song a few times and then see if they can make out all of the lyrics.
  • Have the lyrics printed out or read them from a mobile device or computer and then read them out loud together to see if they were able to understand and make out everything the song says.
  • You would be surprised to realize that many times the words in the song sound very different and we make up something that sounds like what the song is saying. You can discuss this with your child and try out a few different songs to see if they can get better at listening to what the song is saying.
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