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Adding Superfoods to Your Children's Meals

While your child’s regular meals will do a great job of keeping their brains fuelled, if your child is benefiting from tutoring in Oro Valley then their brains will need a little energy boost to keep up with the advanced learning they are receiving. In this post, The Tutoring Center, Oro Valley has some quick and easy food ideas to keep your child’s brains fuelled and ready to learn!

What to Feed Your Child's Brain for Breakfast

Tried and true, oatmeal is still a stand out when it comes to a healthy start to your child’s day. Oatmeal does a fantastic job of slowly releasing energy and regulating blood sugar throughout the day to provide your child's brain with a steady flow of energy which can be focused on learning. If your children prefer something a little sweeter, mix in some yogurt and blueberries for that delicious twist.

A Healthy and Versatile Snack

Include a container with guacamole dip made from vegetables and a squeeze of lemon. Add some celery sticks to scoop and your child now has a delicious and healthy snack which lets them actually eat the cutlery! An advantage of this type of healthy snack is its versatility. Spread it over a whole wheat biscuit or as an addition to your children’s regular sandwich to add an extra element to your children’s lunches.

Tutoring in Oro Valley

Now that your child’s brain is fueled, it’s ready to learn! Help your child make the most of their brain power by providing them the advantages that tutoring in Oro Valley provides. Speak with a professional at The Tutoring Center in Oro Valley on 520 219 4112 about how our targeted programs can give your child the educational lessons they need.


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