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How to Prevent the Summer Slide

The summer slide may not sound like a serious matter, but it is something all parents should know about. If you've briefly heard about it but aren't sure what it is, this post can help you understand it better.

Understand the Summer Slide

For those who have no idea what the summer slide is, it's basically a learning loss experienced by students during their summer months out of school. The idea is that, when students don't practice their school lessons or don't engage in any educational activities over the span of their summer break, they will lose the knowledge they worked hard to acquire during the school year.

Tips to Stop the Summer Slide

The reason the summer slide is so important is that it can greatly affect a child's educational path. Students who do lose knowledge over the summer tend to struggle more during the following school year and will have to spend more time relearning old lessons before moving onto new ones. To help prevent this from turning into your child's reality, keep the educationally active during the summer months. Reading is very important during this time, so make time to visit the local library every week. You can also enroll your child in summer school or summer tutoring to help them get ahead in their lessons. There are tons of options out there to keep your child's brain stimulated through the summer.

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