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Summer vacations are almost over and that means that ahead of you is the long road of reestablishing the school routine. This can be difficult after your children got used to sleeping in and spending their days relaxing.

As a parent, you are probably worried that your children are ready for the upcoming academic challenges. For this reason, at The Tutoring Center in Oro Valley, we would like to tell you some useful tips to prepare your children for back to school. 


The first step is to readjust the internal clocks of your children. To achieve it, make sure to send them early to bed and wake them up earlier at least two weeks before school starts. Also, check how much time it takes them to shower, get dressed and have breakfast -  that way, you won’t be late on the first day. 

Create a Study Space

Your goal should also be to establish effective study habits, so forget about your children studying on the couch. Remember that while some students require absolute silence, others need background noise to learn. Find out what works better for your children, add a table and a comfortable chair and don’t forget to remove any distractions.

Visit the School 

Take advantage of the orientation sessions that schools organize, that way you will be able to meet your children’s teachers and establish an open communication. Plus, if your children are starting in a new school, you can get to know the facilities.

Create a Schedule

Once you find out the subjects your children will be taking, use a calendar to create study blocks and don’t forget to include time for breaks. 

Preparing your children for the first day at school is an important step for a great start! Don’t forget these tips in the upcoming weeks, and remember this guide to manage school stress. 

If your children had some academic difficulties during the previous school year, it’s possible that they don’t have a solid foundation to deal with future school demands. But, don’t worry! At The Tutoring Center, our programs are designed to provide our students with the strategies and abilities in the areas they need to develop. For this and many other reasons, consider us next time you are looking for tutoring in Oro Valley. 

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