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Summer break is a time for your children to relax. They’ve dealt with school responsibility and the stress it produces and it will allow them to take a deep breath. Unfortunately, this means that not only the covers of their books will start to get dusty, but also their knowledge.

This can have a negative impact on the school achievement of your children. That’s why, at The Tutoring Center in Oro Valley, we tell you a few ways to avoid this problem.

What is Summer Loss?

Summer learning loss or summer slide is the result of lack of engagement in academic activities during vacations. This loss can be equal of more than to two months of grade-level equivalency, and it affects the reading achievement and the mathematical computations skills.


The library is the best place to encourage the joy for books. Ask your librarian for recommendations and make sure that your children choose their books according to their interests. Remember that some libraries have summer programs!

Keep your Children Active

Encourage them to go for a walk, visit the playground or practice a sport. Also, you can plan a visit to a stimulating place like a museum or the zoo.


Summer is also the right time to review school material, especially if your children are having problems in school. A tutor will provide the specific attention and skill assessment, which is impossible at a regular school. It will also help to develop abilities they will need for academic success.

These simple ideas will help your children start the new school year on the right foot!

The Tutoring Center has academic programs, that will develop the skills and habits your children need for a bright academic future. We offer a free diagnostic assessment to our prospective students to know the academic areas that demand special attention. Consider us, next time you are looking for tutoring in Oro Valley.

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