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How to Make History More Engaging

For many adults, history is a very interesting subject, but it's just the opposite for children. This is oftentimes the result of classes focusing on reading history lessons out of a boring textbook and not much else. To encourage your child to get more interested in history, check out these tips.

Watch Historical Movies

If your child's history homework consists of them reading out of a textbook and then answering some questions, it's not hard to see why they don't like it. To add some fun to their lessons, introduce a weekly movie night where you watch a movie that takes place during the historical period they're studying. Documentaries are usually interesting and informative while Hollywood productions are fun but may not be super accurate. Because of this, it's important that you make time to discuss the movie after watching it, focusing on interesting parts as well as correcting historical inaccuracies.

Step Away from the Textbooks

Take a giant step away from the textbook and take your child's history lessons out of their traditional learning space. Taking trips to local monuments, museums, and other historical locations around town can help bring their history lessons to life. Once your child's lessons don't feel so distant, they may develop a new interest in their history class.

Add a Bit of Drama

Add a touch of silliness to your child's history lessons by taking on the task of acting out important moments together. Imagine that you are both different historical figures coming out of the history book. Dress up, take on an accent, and act out what your child is learning. Although this may seem silly, your child can actually learn some important facts while playing their role.

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