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Spark Your Child's Learning Curiosity With This Summer Activity

We previously discussed how a summer learning loss can affect your child and why it is important that they spend their summer productively. Today we want to take up the subject and share a creative way in which you can help make that happen. Some activities may require some preparation, such as the following one, but it will keep your children busy and learn, all while having fun.

Fun Ice Block Excavation Activity

Get a big container and add some rubber toys. Then fill the container with water and freeze overnight or until it has thoroughly hardened. Try to not use toys that are made of hard plastic as these may break with the cold temperatures. When it has frozen, remove the block of ice that has formed. Proceed to place it out in the yard, lawn, or another place where it is ok for it to melt. You can make a few blocks and place them around an outdoor area that is safe for your children. Then, give your children tools like a small hammer, a paintbrush, and some warm water for them to try and retrieve the items from the ice. If your child is interested in dinosaurs, you can make the toys inside the ice block dinosaur rubber toys. This can encourage them to learn more about what a paleontologist does and to investigate more about the subject. Older kids will probably enjoy this activity more, but younger children may still benefit from the motor skills and abilities they can build with it.

Summer Fun and Tutoring in Oro Valley AZ

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