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Research shows that up to three months of reading comprehension can be lost when children stop reading during summer vacations.  Don’t let that happen to your children, and help them keep those reading skills developed at school. The Tutoring Center, Oro Valley AZ suggests you check out the following reading tips.

Children Do As They See

If you want your children to be readers or writers, then you should be one too. You can show them that reading can be for relaxing, pleasure, or for useful information, by reading  novels or even instruction manuals.

Read Aloud

Usually parents only read aloud to smaller children, and as they grow, this type of reading stops. By reading aloud more challenging books to older readers, you can help them learn new vocabulary and explain to them things they may not understand. It is also a good bonding time. You can even take turns reading a page or a paragraph.

Give Them the Choice

Let children be the ones who pick what book they are going to read. Take them to your local library or to a bookstore and let them choose something of their interest other than the required summer reading list from school.

Read the Book and Watch the Movie

Find a book that has been turned into a movie and read it. Afterwards watch the movie and discuss which version of the story you liked better.

Reading Hour

Plan a reading time and stick to it. It is good for children to have a routine to develop discipline. Of course you have to be flexible as well if there are any special events planned.

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You can always sign up your child for tutoring in Oro Valley AZ. The Tutoring Center, Oro Valley AZ has reading programs that will keep your child’s learning fresh and sharp. Call them at: 520-219-4112 to know more about their programs.


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