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How to Become a Better Reader

In a world that is fast moving away from spoken interactions in favour of text, reading has never been more important for your child’s learning. In this post, The Tutoring Center in Oro Valley has some tips for how you can help your child with their learning.

How to Choose the Right Reading Material

One of the easiest mistakes to make is choosing reading material purely because of its educational value. Choose material that is relevant and interesting to your child, as well as being informative and educational. Remember, your child needs to enjoy the story to learn from it.

How to Choose the Right Environment

Choosing the right place and time to read is just as important as choosing the right material. Provide opportunities for your child to be in a calm and quiet place that‘s free of distractions. If possible, visit a local park or garden as the animal life and natural sounds can provide ambient background noise that lets your child’s mind learn and not roam.

Keep a Dictionary Close

Whether you have a hard copy or use your phone, having access to a dictionary close by when reading is the best way to learn new words and understand their usage in a practical way.

Tutoring in Oro Valley

Reading is one of the easiest and most common areas for your child to struggle. If your child’s reading comprehension level is important to you, speak with one of our professionals at The Tutoring Center in Oro Valley on (520)-297-0400. Private tutoring in Oro Valley that specializes in reading can really help your child read at their highest possible level.


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