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Help Your Child Improve Spelling Skills with Spin and Spell

Make a game of spelling, add a bit of fun to the endeavor and give children a competitive incentive for getting a handle on their letters. Words can be intimidating. It's frustrating to take a spelling quiz and receive a D, or an F. Many...

Adding Superfoods to Your Children's Meals

While your child’s regular meals will do a great job of keeping their brains fuelled, if your child is benefiting from tutoring in Oro Valley then their brains will need a little energy boost to keep up with the advanced learning they are receiving. In...

How to Improve Your Child's Math Grades

Math can be challenging. If your child is struggling with math skills and you would like to see their grades improve in the coming semester, work with your child and their math grades will climb.

Review Homework with Your Child

At least an hour a day...

How to Become a Better Reader

In a world that is fast moving away from spoken interactions in favour of text, reading has never been more important for your child’s learning. In this post, The Tutoring Center in Oro Valley has some tips for how you can help your child with their learning.

How to...

Children love to speak, but it’s easy for them to become comfortable using the same words in a multitude of situations. While this is great for their early speaking development, as your child grows there are ways that parents can provide reading and speaking help to their children that can boost...
Although children should be able to pay attention and stay focused on a task, it is easy for them to lose interest and get distracted. Knowing what is at the root of these distractions and lack of interest will help resolve the larger issue. It is necessary to take the time to figure out what is...
Science is often a favorite subject for many students. The broad variety of sub-topics and in depth background allow for an array of science related activities and excursions. Since it is generally exciting, use educational science activities outside the traditional classroom environment to...
 As a student, being organized and managing your time effectively can be very helpful. However, it can also be sort of overwhelming. If you need a bit of guidance to keep track of all of your responsibilities and become more productive, don’t worry. This post will go over a few tips you can...
Concentrating in all of your classes can be an arduous feat to achieve. However, it needs to be done if you want to learn effectively in school. If you’re having a bit of trouble with paying attention in the classroom, this post will share a few tips you can follow.

How to Pay Attention in Class


Some extracurricular activities are more obviously beneficial for your child’s learning than others; you may not be aware of the exact benefits of learning a second language, for example, but it is unlikely to be surprising that it’s good for your child’s brain. Playing sport, on the other hand,...


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