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Writing Practice for Students

Getting your child excited to write may sound impossible, but you can definitely accomplish it. To get them inspired to write and improve their skills, use these tips.

Inspire Them With Images

Oftentimes, students find it hard to write because they aren't inspired...

Remove the Stress from Exams Season

If your child has exams coming up, they may already be feeling the heat. Before they get overwhelmed or burned out, help them prepare, and get rid of the stress with these tips.

Use a Study Guide

Before jumping into studying, it can help your child to create a...

Tips for Students to Make Reading a Textbook Easier

Textbooks are an essential part of many classes throughout your child's academic journey. These can also be quite tricky to read because they're written in a very academic manner, which can also mean they can get boring. To ensure your child...

How to Stay Focused During Online Classes

The new school year can mean making the transition to online classes. For parents and students alike, this change can be very tough. If you notice your child is having a hard time adjusting to taking classes online, use these tips to help them stay...

Help Your Child Stay up With Their Lesson

As the school year progresses, plenty of students can start to feel like they're being left behind. If your child is having a hard time keeping up in class, they need to make some changes before they feel overwhelmed. Use these tips to help them keep...

Prepare for an Online Test

Taking tests can be stress-inducing for many students under normal circumstances. Now, with technology being even more connected to academics, online tests are starting to become more common. For students who have never taken one of these before, it can be even more...

Fun and Educational Summer Activities

In order to prevent the summer slide, it's important that you keep your child learning during their break. To ensure your child is practicing what they learned, use these tips.

Practice Writing

If your child is learning to write or could use some spelling...

Help Your Child Choose Their Major

If college is just around the corner for your child, they may be facing a tough decision. If your child hasn't figured out what they want to major in yet, use these tips to help them decide.

Analyze Their Interests

A good place to start is identifying your...

3 Ways Music Can Help Your Child's Academically

Many parents may think that music is distracting, but it can actually help students study. If you're constantly telling your child to turn off their music while they study, it may be better to leave it on. To learn more about this, continue...

Help Your Child Work from Home

If your child is taking virtual classes and working from home, this can be a new challenge for them. To make this less of a struggle and to keep your child productive, use these tips at home.

Plan a Schedule

To give your child's school day some structure, create a...


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